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| Last Updated:14/08/2023

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Weekly Disease Outbreaks

Dengue outbreak in Odisha

Since the start of the monsoon season this year, dengue outbreaks have been reported in Odisha state, especially in Bhubaneshwar. As per reports, Bhubaneswar has recorded 148 dengue-positive cases till now. The dengue situation is no better in Berhampur too. Aedes mosquitoes have been breeding in this silk city in small water bodies created by accumulated rainwater.

Dengue outbreak in Assam

Assam state has witnessed a surge in dengue cases as a total of 317 dengue cases were confirmed in the Assam state. Karbi Anglong has reported the highest number (170) of cases, followed by 22 dengue cases from Kamrup (Metro) district, 20 from Kamrup, and 11 each from Jorhat and Barpeta districts. Ten cases have also been reported from Dima Hasao. In the meanwhile, two Japanese Encephalitis (JE) deaths have also been reported from Dhemaji and Lakhimpur districts.

Dengue cases in Pune, Maharashtra

With the onset of the rainy season, the number of dengue cases has increased in Pune City, with 54 suspected cases detected in the month of June. Although the numbers are not alarmingly high, they have doubled compared to May. The number of suspected cases increased from 27 in May to 54 in June. While the current numbers do not warrant immediate concern, necessary measures are being taken to prevent the spread of dengue.

Malaria outbreak in Mumbai, Maharashtra

A total of 156 malaria cases were recorded in Mumbai city in the first week of July this year along with 34 cases of H1N1, and 91 dengue cases. The health authorities have conducted a door-to-door fever survey and search for high-risk areas and an awareness campaign among citizens.