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Printed Date: Thursday, September 24, 2020

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Dengue outbreaks in Telangana

 Dengue outbreaks in Telangana


Telangana struggles with a dengue epidemic in urban areas, and a malaria epidemic in tribal areas. An outbreak of dengue and chikungunya has been reported in the Hyderabad-Karnataka region after the flooding of rivers in Yadgir districts. Nearly 51, 000 people have registered in the outpatient registrations at Fever hospital in August and observed 61 cases found positive for dengue.


Dengue fever taking the entire Telangana state into its grip, particularly the urban Hyderabad districts put the total deaths due to dengue was 50. So for 530 cases of dengue have been reported from all over Telangana during the past one month. The health department says that the number of dengue cases has almost doubled when compared to last year. This year as of now 2113 cases were reported while it was only 1012 last year.


According to Yadgir District Health and family welfare officer said, the region has recorded 1,521 suspected cases of dengue fever and 912 cases of suspected Chikungunya. According to the reports, the doctors at government hospitals suspect that there is a chance that the numbers of cases may further increase.