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| Last Updated:05/03/2024

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Weekly Outbreaks

Weekly Outbreaks - 09-11-2022

Dengue alert in India

As of September 2022, India recorded a total of 63,280 dengue cases, majority of which are contributed by states of Telangana (10,913), Karnataka (6726), Maharashtra (4551), Odisha (4274), Tamil Nadu (4168), Rajasthan (4023), Andhra Pradesh (3813), Gujarat (3197), Kerala (3037), Punjab (2329) and Union territory Delhi (2067). However, with cases rising 20,000 more cases were recorded in October. The upsurge of dengue cases has been linked to a delayed monsoon withdrawal enabling prolonged breeding of mosquito vectors. Over 1,200 cases were recorded in Delhi in October and first death due to dengue is reported on November 2. West Bengal recorded its worst dengue outbreak in five years, with 42,000 cases by the end of October. Kerala experienced the highest dengue toll in the country and had over 7,000 cases by October 18, 2022. There were around 4,000 cases in Bihar by the mid of October, majority of which were from Patna. More than 8,500 cases and nine deaths were recorded in Punjab till October. Tamil Nadu has recorded over 616 new dengue cases in October which was 10 percent higher than in September.

Dengue and chikungunya cases in Ranchi, Jharkhand

Dengue and chikungunya cases are on rise in Ranchi. Out of total cases of the mosquito borne disease in the Jharkhand state, Ranchi accounts for half of the total cases. Ranchi accounts for 42 per cent of total dengue cases and 52 per cent of total chikungunya cases in the State. Out of 187 dengue cases in the state during November, Ranchi accounts for 89 cases. Similarly, out of 193 cases of chikungunya in the State, the number of infections in Ranchi is 101.

Dengue and malaria cases in Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh

Malaria and Dengue cases are rapidly increasing in Chhatarpur. About 28 dengue positive cases were reported during the last week of October in district hospital, and it is estimated that hundreds of dengue cases would have recorded in all the private hospitals. Also, 20 malaria cases were reported in the district hospital in the October last week.

Dengue cases in Karbi Anglong, Assam

A total of 123 Dengue positive cases from179 sample and three deaths due to Dengue were confirmed during the month of November in Karbi Anglong district, Assam. The medical authorities have been involved in regular fogging in the high-risk areas to prevent the further spread of dengue.



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