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| Last Updated:08/04/2021

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Rise of Dengue cases in Bhopal

 Rise of Dengue cases in Bhopal


A total of 1082, dengue case reported and count breaks record compared to the previous high for dengue cases in Bhopal was 1,077 in 2017. Despite the minimum temperature dipping in the city, there is no relief from the dengue and malaria outbreak. Last month due to excessive rain, cases of dengue and malaria were on rise putting the health department, Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC), malaria department on toes. These government agencies had launched joint operation in city and spotted breeding grounds of dengue and malaria larva in the residential areas.


Dengue cases numbering 1,082 and 300 Chikungunya cases have been diagnosed so far in Bhopal this year, the highest for any year on record. In the last 48 hours from November 3 -5th, the state capital has reported 10 new dengue-related cases.


Doctors are still warning patients with symptoms of dengue to be vigilant. Dengue breeding might stop, but a mosquito virus can sustain for over a week. It would be another few days until they see a drastic drop in dengue cases. Unseasonal rainfall over the past few weeks has also weakened the vector-borne outbreak.