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| Last Updated:08/04/2021

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Following heavy rainfall, Patna has registered almost 250 dengue cases since September 27th to October 5th. On 7th October, there were 640 patients tested positive for dengue, mostly in the last four days, according to official data.


As of October 5th, Bihar has reported 980 dengue cases and 88 chikungunya cases. Patna accounts for the majority of cases of both diseases, with 640 of the state’s dengue cases and 74 of its chikungunya cases are reported from the Patna. There were 409 dengue cases registered between January 1st and 27th September 2019, followed by there was a gradual increase in dengue cases in Patna.


So far a total of 1,404 dengue cases has been reported from Bihar state of which 1,135 cases have been reported from Patna.


Health officials said that indoor residual spraying was being conducted in affected areas, for which 24 teams have been engaged. Apart from this, bleach powder is being sprayed and distributed. So far, 35,000 packets of bleach powder have been handed out.


The rains are continuing indifferent parts of Bihar and waterlogged in many localities. The stagnant water is now serving as an ideal breeding ground of Aedes mosquitoes, which spreads the dengue virus.