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| Last Updated:08/04/2021

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Dengue deaths in Hyderabad

 Dengue deaths in Hyderabad


The dengue and viral fever outbreak has now hit the Secunderabad. A five-year-old girl was among two persons who died of dengue on Wednesday. While the private hospitals, where the duo was being treated, confirmed that they had died due to dengue.


On Tuesday, A 13-year-old boy had died of dengue in a private hospital, taking the number of suspected dengue deaths to over 50 in the state. On Wednesday, another student, five-year-old from Lalapet in Secunderabad, died at a private hospital in Banjara Hills after she was admitted to the healthcare facility on Tuesday evening and her platelet count dropped alarmingly. Similarly, a 30-year-old man from Mallapur also died due to dengue on Wednesday morning.


With the onset of monsoon, hospitals in Hyderabad are witnessing a high number of patients with viral fever and symptoms of dengue. The city hospitals, both government and private, have tested over 1.15 lakh blood samples and have confirmed 372 cases as of August, higher than any other year for the corresponding period. The number of dengue cases in the city has been rising every year, with 145 cases in 2017 and 230 cases in 2018, suggests data from the Health Department.  Over the past few days, 530 confirmed cases of dengue have been reported in the state, of which more than 370 are from Hyderabad.