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| Last Updated:08/04/2021

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Malaria In Uttar Pradesh

Malaria in Uttar Pradesh


Nearly 3500 cases of malaria detected in Bareilly district of Utter Pradesh. The active case surveillance by health officials in Bareilly detected that the patients are suffering from malaria strain Plasmodium falciparum (PF), and recorded 3,500 cases in the last 20 days.


The cumulative number of PF cases in Bareilly, between 1st January to 9th September 2019, stands at approximately 4,207 cases. Similarly, in the same period 21,887 people have tested positive for Plasmodium vivax (PV) malaria.


The PF cases of malaria have risen in the past few days and in which teams are holding camps in various villages and testing the fever patients. If any person found positive for either PF or PV malaria, the treatment was began immediately said by Chief medical officer (CMO).


Around 95% of total PF malaria cases were reported from Aonla sub-division, which includes Majhgavan, Bhamora, Ramnagar and Aonla health centres. Majority of the cases are confined to Aonla sub-division. Similarly, over 150 PF cases were reported from Meerganj in 2018, however this year, the number is reduced to 23 cases. Of the total 4,207 PF cases this year, the maximum has been detected in Majhgavan, with 1,727, followed by Bhamora with 1,662. Though PV cases have been scattered across the district, the highest number of cases were also diagnosed in Majhgavan and Bhamora.


Following rains and available breeding habitats of mosquitoes in Bareilly, the cases of Plasmodium falciparum (PF) malaria increased to nearly 550 from July 21 to August 20. As against this, only 157 cases of PF were detected from January 1 to July 20 of this year. However, nearly 5,600 persons were tested positive for the Plasmodium vivax (PV) malaria in the past one month. The cumulative figure of PV malaria from January 1 to August 20 stands at 18,400. Officials said as continuous rains in the district have filled water bodies, this has led to rise in breeding of mosquitoes. Following an outbreak of malaria last year, a total of 17,425 patients were tested positive for PF malaria and 20,057 were detected with PV malaria in Bareilly district in 2018. Government initiated indoor residual sprays, fogging and spraying larvicides in all villages and houses to kill infected mosquitoes.