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| Last Updated:08/04/2021

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Dengue hits Karnataka

 Dengue hits Karnataka


Approximately 9,374 dengue cases were reported in Karnataka and seems to be the worst affected dengue state in the country. The cases in the state have gone up by nearly eight times in three months since then.


According to the state health and family welfare department has said that six persons have died due to dengue since January 2019. The number of dengue positive cases are gradually increasing in the state and interestingly three days ago, on August 13 the total cases are 7315 and reached to 8070 cases on August 16. The data clearly indicates that the rise of dengue cases, as 755 dengue cases were diagnosed in the state in three days. As per the health department data, the highest numbers of cases have been reported from BBMP limits. In the last three days, as many as 615 dengue cases were diagnosed.


“One of the reasons in the sudden increase in the dengue cases is the intermittent rainfall pattern in Bengaluru that has created room for fresh water getting stagnant increasing the mosquito breeding. Measures have been taken up to prevent larvae production.


According to data, till July end Maharashtra reported 1,556 cases and two deaths, Kerala 1,703 cases and, Karnataka 6,150 dengue cases. Similarly, Telangana reported 1,457 cases, Andhra Pradesh witnessed 843 cases and Delhi 57 cases till August.