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| Last Updated:08/04/2021

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Malaria cases in Kothagudem

Malaria cases in Kothagudem


Out of the total 782 malaria cases reported from January to August 12, the highest number of cases reported in Bhadradri-Kothagudem district (270 cases) followed by 242 cases in Hyderabad, and 56 cases in Mulugu of Telangana state.


Kothagudem’s Health officials said that they were taking measures to control spread of the disease in 756 villages located in the district. "Indoor Residual Spray are using to kill adult Anopheles mosquitoes. Besides, door-to-door survey is conducted to find if anyone is suffering from vector-borne diseases and required services are provided if someone tests positive for malaria or dengue. Besides, dry days are observed. As part of this, people are encouraged to maintain stagnant water-free environment in and around their home so that mosquitoes will not find place to breed," said a Health official from the district.