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| Last Updated:08/04/2021

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Dengue in Hyderabad

 Dengue in Hyderabad


1,571 cases reported from Hyderabad, Rangareddy and Medchal districts of Telangana.

The Health and Municipal Department officials are on alert due the number of Dengue cases are gradually increasing this season. The health authorities said the cases usually increase between August and December. The highest number of Dengue cases continue to be reported from urban districts of Telangana - Hyderabad ,Rangareddy and Medchal. According to statistics from the National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP), out of 1,571 cases reported from January 1 to August 10 across the Telangana State, 420 were detected in Hyderabad, 240 in Rangareddy and 142 in Medchal.


District Malaria Officers said compared to the January-July period, the number of cases had gone up between August and December 2018. For example, in Rangareddy district, a total of 399 cases were detected in 2018. Of this, 119 were from January to July, and the rest 280 were from August to December.


Government has initiated preventive measures such as anti-larvae operations, fogging operations, besides these creating the public awareness programs, health camps are also conducting.


Rapid Fever Survey: Rangareddy District Health officials said, they collect blood samples from people living in 50 homes around the patient’s residence to check if they too are suffering from any disease. The dengue suspected case, samples are collected from 20 homes around the patient’s residence,” and screening for the dengue virus. Active control measures are being taken to kill adult mosquitoes.


Officials said while the GHMC staff will conduct anti-larval operations, the health department will go door-to-door enquiring if anyone is suffering from any disease. The staff will also check stagnated water bodies in and around the houses, or other places where mosquitoes could breed.