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| Last Updated:08/04/2021

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Dengue cases in Vishakhapatnam

 Dengue cases in Vishakhapatnam


The proliferation of Dengue has created a lot of panic not only in Vishakhapatnam city but also the rural and tribal areas of the district. However, malaria cases have registered a decline this year.


There is drop in the number of dengue positive cases so far this month and last month, going by the cases registered at the Virology Lab at the  King George Hospital here, it cannot be taken as  a yard stick to conclude there is an overall decline in the dengue cases.

In Araku alone, over 200 persons were affected by dengue in the last few months. Many of them are going to private hospitals for treatment. The confirmation of dengue has to be done only by government hospitals such as KGH.


People are worried about the fall in platelet count and the short supply of platelets. They are spending thousands of rupees on treatment at private hospitals. There is high prevalence of dengue in the urban area apart from some pockets in the agency.