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| Last Updated:08/04/2021

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Dengue cases in Delhi


4,545 dengue cases in Delhi.


For the past one week, 680 cases of dengue were reported in the Delhi. Three municipal corporations of Delhi stated on Monday that with the total to 4,545 dengue cases were reported so for. Of the total 4,545 dengue cases, 2,152 were residents of Delhi and the remaining from other states, and of the 2,152 cases, 345 were reported this month, the report said.


The number of malaria and chikungunya cases reported in the past week is 37 and 65, taking the total to 1,032 and 638, respectively.

Dengue has claimed one life in the city during the season so far. According to the report, mosquito breeding has been reported from 1,80,687 households in Delhi. All the three corporations have stepped up awareness drives, distributing pamphlets and plying vehicles with loudspeakers announcing the dos and don'ts for prevention of dengue. Similarly, the three corporations have sprayed 16,71,516 households and have issued 1,48,317 notices.