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| Last Updated:08/04/2021

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Zika alert in Kerala

The Health Department has issued an alert on Zika virus infection, now that local transmission of the infection has been confirmed in Singapore, where over 100 cases of the disease have been reported.

The threat perception to the State and preparedness measures to be taken in the new situation was evaluated by the department’s Rapid Response Team (RRT), which was convened here on Saturday by Director of Health Services (DHS) R. Ramesh.

All air/ship passengers from Singapore and other Zika-affected countries who reach the State will have to be under 14-day surveillance from the day of departure even though they do not have any evident clinical symptoms or fever. These persons will have to take special measures to protect themselves from mosquito bites during this period as the State has a high density of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes which spreads this virus, the RRT has decided.

All airports in the State as well as ports have been given the alert. The DHS has also directed that vector-control activities be intensified across the State and especially Thirivananthapuram, inside the airport terminal, and the airport campus also. He has also requested the immigration authorities in airports to collect and share the contact information and details of passengers from Singapore and Zika-affected countries alighting in the State.