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| Last Updated:: 22/02/2018

Awareness Program

An ENVIS awareness program on “Public Health & Hygiene”

@ Govt. High School JAMA-E-Osmania, OU, Hyderabad


As part of the ENVIS mandate  a  half a day programme on "Public Health and Hygiene" was conducted for the students of 8th 9th and 10th classes of Government High School, Jama E Osmania, Hyderabad on 14.02.2018 (Wednesday).


Addressing the gathering Dr. M. Srinivasa Rao, Coordinator of ENVIS, CSIR-IICT, Hyderabad welcomed the Incharge Principal Ms. Suselamma  Principal Mr. Chiranjeevi, students and staff of the school for this meeting. He highlighted about the research activities of CSIR and the activities being carried out at ENVIS and also at CSIR-IICT. Dr. Rao spoke in details about the vector borne diseases like Malaria, Japanese encephalitis, Dengue, Chikungunya and Filariasis and the nuisance caused by the mosquitoes to the mankind in general.


The students were told about the  engineering aspects to be followed to prevent stagnation of water so as to avoid the breeding of the mosquitoes in and around their dwellings. The students were also taught about the life cycle of the vectors and the parasites they transfer from unhealthy personnel to the healthy ones. It was also highlighted to them to avoid contact from mosquitoes and keep the doors and windows shut during the swarming period.


Speaking on the occasion the principal Mr. Chiranjeevi, expressed his gratitude to the Director of CSIR-IICT Dr. S. Chandrasekhar and to the CSIR-IICT ENVIS Coordinator and his research team for selecting their school to impart the importance of public health and hygiene to their school children.


Dr. Sunil Misra, (Scientist), Dr. K. Madhusudhan Rao (Scientific Assistant) and Mr. K. Sriram (Technical Officer) also spoke on the subject. The students had a very good interactive question and answer session with the speakers. The program ended with a vote of thanks proposed by the Incharge principal of the school.


ENVIS awareness program @ Jama-E-Osmania Govt. High School

ENVIS coordinator Dr.M.Srinivasa Rao speaking on the occasion of Public Health & Hygiene

Principal Mr. Chiranjeevi speaking on the occasion of Public Health and Hygiene workshop.

Teachers and students gathered on the occasion of Public Health and Hygiene workshop.

Staff of CSIR-IICT is interacting with school children's during Public Health and Hygiene workshop.

Students being explained about the various stages of mosquito life cycle, diseases life cycle and its preventive measures on the occasion of Public Health and Hygiene workshop.