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| Last Updated:: 27/06/2016

Important Dates

Important Dates:




World Leprosy Day

30 January

World Wetlands Day

2 February

World Cancer Day

4  February

National Science Day

28 February

No Smoking Day

2 March

World Kidney Day

2 March

World Water Day

22 March

World Tuberculosis Day

24 March

World Health Day

7 April

World Hemophilia Day

17 April

Earth Day

22 April

World Malaria Day

25 April

World Asthma Day

6 May

World Thalassemia Day

8 May

World No Tobacco Day

31 May

World Environment Day 

5 June

World Brain tumor day

8 June

World Blood Donor Day


World Population day


Oral rehydration solution day


World Breast Feeding Day

1-7 August

The National Nutrition week

1-7th  September

World Alzheimer’s Day

21  September

World Rabies Day

28 September

World Mental Health Day

10 October

World Sight Day

2 October

World Arthritis Day

12 October

World Food Day

16 October

World Polio Day

24 October

Filarial Day

11 November

World Pneumonia Day

12 November

World Diabetes Day

14 November

World COPD Day

(chronic obstructive lung diseases)

19 November

World AIDS Day

1 December

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

3 December

World Patient Safety day

9 December