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| Last Updated:: 06/01/2012


Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) Hyderabad


Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) - Hyderabad is an ISO 9002 certified R & D institute in India. The institute had its origin as Central Laboratories for Scientific and Industrial Research (CLSIR), established in 1944 by the then Government of Hyderabad State. In 1956, CLSIR came under the aegis of the CSIR and was renamed as Regional Research Laboratories - Hyderabad (RRL - H) The RRL-H was rechristened as Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) in 1989, recognizing the multi-disciplinary activities and the expertise developed by the institute in the area of Chemical Technology.


Major areas of research are agro-chemicals, drugs, organic intermediates, oils and fats, organic coatings and polymers, catalysis, coal, chemical engineering, design engineering and biology.




Facilities available at the Biology Division, IICT, Hyderabad (ISO 9002 Certified) are:

  • Modern Insectory.
  • Bioinformatics Lab.
  • Microbiology Lab.
  • Tissue Culture Lab.
  • Mammalian Toxicology Lab.
  • Glass House facility.
  • Modern Animal House.


Bioinformatics Laboratory has:

  • 13 high-end systems powered by intel quad core processor..
  • 2 Compaq Prolient dual processor servers with 1 MBPS Internet connectivity.
  • State of art facilities including connectivity to PARAM super computer.